Shred-it FAQs

What size jobs do you accept?

We provide solutions for all job sizes. With more than 6,000 customers in Ireland and over 300,000 customers across the globe, Shred-it offers tailored paper shredding solutions to suit the needs of companies large and small, on a regional, national and global level.

All of our locations also offer drop-off services, so if you'd prefer you can bring small quantities of documents that you need destroyed to your local branch for shredding.

What type of material do you shred?

We mostly shred paper, but our unique shredders can also break down materials like fabric, plastic, electronics and metals. So that means we can securely dispose of CDs, hard drives, videotapes, DVDs and even casino chips. If you have any questions about materials you would like to shred, click on the "Contact Us" link on our website; it's at the top right hand side of the home page. Then, complete the form and we'll get in touch with you within one business day!

We don’t use conventional strip-cut shredders, but instead our cross-cut shredding reduces the material to fine, confetti-like pieces. Based on your needs, we have two different shred sizes - standard 15mm shred conforming to EN15713 security level 3 and a high security 4mm shred conforming to EN15713 security level 6 (paper only).

Do I need to sort the paper?

No - Shred-it's process is quick and easy. All you need to do is put the documents into the locked security consoles we provide and that's it. You don't have to worry about removing anything else; not paper clips, staples or binder clips. Our industrial shredders can even handle the folders and files.


How is the stored material kept safe before it is shredded?

We provide businesses with locked security consoles. Once your employees put the documents that they want shredded into these consoles, there is no way any one can access the information. An internal security plate (similar to a post box) ensures that your documents can't be removed once they have been inserted.

Through our free data security risk assessment survey we will help you decide how many consoles are needed and place them in convenient locations throughout your office. Inside the consoles are specially designed bags which hold all of the documents until our next service visit.

What happens if our console is full before the regularly scheduled service visit?

If your console fills up too quickly, just give us a quick call. We’ll be happy to schedule an extra collection. If it's happening regularly, we can always provide you with additional consoles or increase the frequency of your service to help you manage your unwanted documents.

How are your employees trained and vetted?

Our employees receive ongoing training, specially designed to keep them up to date on everything related to the security of confidential information as well as Irish data protection laws and regulations, which helps our customers stay compliant.

Our staff are provided with hands-on training in a classroom setting, online, and in the field. The combination of these methods means that we regularly retrain our staff about new aspects of our business so they can keep you informed of any changes that might be relevant to you.

Data Security Survey - why is this important and what does it do for me?

A data security survey helps to determine the level of document security in your business and identify security risks so that you can implement a secure and safe document destruction programme.

How does a data security survey work? One of Shred-it's Certified Information Security Professionals accompanies you on a walk throughout your workplace to observe the flow of information and business processes. Knowing where documents are created, processed and discarded helps to identify areas of high-traffic and potential security risks. Shred-it's data security survey will help to determine the best solution for your business, which includes the required number and placement of secure consoles, as well as the recommended frequency of service.

Contact us about having one of our certified representatives complete a data security risk assessment on your business.

Do you shred residential or home office documents?

Yes, we shred both as we believe it is important to provide secure paper shredding solutions for all confidential documents, regardless of where they come from. The ideal solution for you depends on the amount of material that you need shredded. All of our branches offer drop-off services and we also provide Community Shred-it events, which are organised local events that provide shredding services for the community - often free of charge.

How will I know our environmental contribution?

Shred-it is an environmentally-conscious company that takes recycling very seriously. Every year we provide our clients with a Certificate of Environmental Accomplishment, which shows the number of trees they have saved by using Shred-it's paper shredding services. For us, being green and being secure go hand in hand.

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