Download Your Complimentary Clean Desk Policy Kit

Clutter and disorganisation can quickly lead to the loss of confidential information. By implementing a Clean Desk Policy throughout your organisation, you can protect your confidential documents and data from unauthorised access, inside and outside of your workplace.

 Why implement a Clean Desk Policy?

  • Confidential information is not easily accessible when an employee leaves their desk for an extended period of time
  • All information that is no longer needed is promptly placed in a Shred-it container for secure shredding and recycling
  • Strengthened information privacy across the workplace
  • Improved compliance with data protection laws and regulations
  • Better protect your employee, customer and proprietary business information - without exception.

Get started TODAY with our complimentary Clean Desk Customer Kit that includes: a Clean Desk Policy template, printable programme poster and a step-by-step instruction guide on how to get started.

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