Protect your business with a one off clear out!

You know the importance of securely destroying confidential information. Stacks of unused paper and files or banker’s boxes piling up around your office are an important sign that it’s probably time for a clear-out.

But don’t just throw that old paperwork out! From financial records to human resource documents, confidential information in the wrong hands could ruin your business. Deal with office clutter the smart way and contact Shred-it. Keep your confidential information confidential and securely recycle your unused documents and paper clutter.

paper-stack.PNGShred-it One off Destruction includes:

  • Tailored service options to suit your requirements
  • Performed by Shred-it Information Security Specialists
  • Barcode scanning and a Secure Chain of Custody process
  • Shred-it Certificate of Destruction following completion of your service

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Did you know we destroy Hard Drives too!

Old hard drives and USBs contain confidential information that shouldn’t be left lying around either. You may be tempted to just toss them out or erase them, but the sensitive data on old hard drives, even if it’s been erased, can be easily recovered. Unless it’s destroyed, you’re always vulnerable. Shred-it offers best-in-class hard drive destruction. 

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