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Between waste bins, recycling bins, and your Shred-it containers, employees are making a lot of decisions about where documents go. And the wrong decision could result in a privacy breach that could cost you millions. By implementing a Shred-it All Policy you will ensure that ALL documents are securely destroyed and recycled.

Why implement a Shred-it All Policy?

Employees will no longer need to decide what information to shred

All paper in a Shred-it container is securely shredded and recycled

Strengthened information privacy across the workplace

Improved compliance with privacy laws and regulations

Better protect your employee, customer and proprietary business information -- without exception

Get started TODAY with our complimentary Shred-it All Customer Kit that includes: a Shred-it All Policy template, printable programme poster and a step-by-step instruction guide on how to get started. 

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