April 12, 2021

Document Destruction Should Not Be Left to Chance

In mid-April, business owners, quality professionals, regulatory agencies, and document destruction companies will come together to learn, network, and share information at the National Association for Information Destruction’s (NAID®) virtual conference. Several Stericycle leaders who manage Shred-it™ services will be speaking at the event, exploring the latest data destruction trends and opportunities to align with NAID’s mission.  

NAID is a standard-setting body that advocates for best practices in secure data destruction. It also provides one of the industry’s most recognised certification programs. Shred-it services are NAID AAA certified, which means we are compliant with all known data protection laws. To receive the designation, we undergo scheduled and surprise audits, conducted by trained, accredited security professionals. In many cases, we go above and beyond the minimum requirements for NAID Standards. For example, NAID requirements specify that one third of employees with access to confidential customer information require background checks and half of employees require annual drug screens. Shred-it takes this a step further and requires annual background checks and drug screenings for all employees with access to personal or confidential customer information, as well as provides training on substance abuse. NAID also requires annual training on security policies and procedures, where we provide monthly training on topics of security.
Certified shredding services offer the best way to keep paper-based information out of the hands of bad actors who could use it for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, some companies still opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) shredding when they need to clear out unwanted paper from home offices or the workplace.

Why a DIY Approach Is Not a Good Idea

Leaving the job of document destruction to employees can take them away from more important work and increase your risk of information fraud. Manual shredding is time consuming and onerous. Employees have to remove paper clips and staples (most generic home shredders can’t handle anything but paper), arrange documents into manageable piles, carefully feed paper into the machine, empty receptacles as they fill up, remove any spillage, and put shredded paper into a dumpster or recycle bin. This process is not an efficient or cost-effective use of your staff’s time. Moreover, it can add to their work stress as they try to balance cumbersome shredding tasks with more pressing responsibilities.
If they are in a hurry, staff may skip a few steps, which can lead to paper jams and work stoppages that further slow productivity and heighten frustration. After a while, they may just throw documents away or recycle them, worrying less about the security risks and more about the need to finish their regular work. This situation can increase the likelihood of information theft.
Not only does DIY home shredding place a burden on employees, but it does not guarantee that documents are destroyed properly. The typical shredder used in home offices and business locations employs strip cutters, which cut paper into vertical or horizontal strips. These can be reassembled relatively easily, which means the data is not fully protected.

Why Is Working with a Leader in Information Security a Better Idea?

With Shred-it services, paper is shredded using industrial-grade, cross-cut shredders that quickly transform paper documents into small, confetti-like pieces, which cannot be reconstructed. Other things like hard drives and electronic devices are destroyed by hydraulic crushers or shearers, which are specifically designed to destroy them so that no data can be retrieved or reconstructed. We ensure a chain of custody from the moment your documents or media are picked up by our licensed and trained staff until they are completely shredded or destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction verifies the material was properly handled and destroyed, giving you peace of mind that your confidential information remains safe.

 What Do We Do with Shredded Paper?

After shredding, we send the pieces to a recycling facility where they are repurposed and reused, helping you preserve document security and the environment. 
Bottom line: Working with the leader in information security and secure information destruction can improve the efficiency, quality, and security of document and media destruction, allowing you to focus more on your business.
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