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Protect your business, your brand, and your customers with paper shredding and electronic media destruction services from the leader in information protection.

Secure Shredding Services for Enterprise Business 

We are a leading provider of document destruction services.

With over 500,000 customers, 17 countries, and 170 locations world-wide, Shred-it is a world-leader in information security and workplace privacy for enterprise businesses. Wherever you do business, you’ll find Shred-it nearby.

Consistent nationwide service solution. Experience the same professional service from a Shred-it employee regardless of where your business is located in the country. Shred-it’s expansive presence means that there will be no difference in security, quality, and customer service at any facility serviced.

Flexible program options which can be customised and modified over time. We work to optimize our programming by partnering closely with individual customers, relying on best practices and over 30 years of industry experience to produce best in class information destruction programs.

Dedicated Account Management and Customer Experience experts allow for ultimate transparency, flexibility, and accountability when program needs arise.

Proven dedication to growth and development. As the industry leader in information security, with a sole focus on secure destruction, Shred-it has the flexibility to continuously invest in our shredding business to enhance our customers’ experience; we can grow and advance with you.

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Why Shred-it is perfect for your enterprise.

Shred-it services have been designed and optimised to meet the complex needs of enterprise businesses. With a large employee base and multiple locations, we can provide you with a comprehensive information security solution to keep all of your organisation’s confidential information secure, wherever it may be found. Shred-it document and hard drive destruction services are an integrated suite of services, policies, and practices designed to protect businesses from risk and penalties of an information breach. Shred-it services for enterprise businesses include:

Customised planning expertise. Our dedicated team of security-screened, certified information security specialists will design a service plan to address the specific needs of your organisation and ensure privacy law compliance.

Consistent service. Whether you have locations around the block or multiple branches around the world, we have the geographic reach to support your organisation with consistent, high-quality chain-of-custody service.

Cost savings. By managing a single information security contract that supports all of your locations with multiple security products and services, you will save time and money.

Centralised support. Our free phone number connects you to your dedicated account team through a single point of contact. This team can also add and remove locations or change service levels immediately if ever your service requirements change.

Consolidated billing. Our simplified invoicing provides a single, easy-to-read report of your service that can be customised to show the details you want to see, saving you unnecessary reconciliation time

Management reports. We provide you with your document and hard drive destruction data so that you can monitor and manage your service, including cost analysis by location or department.

Peace of Mind. You can rest assured that you are partnering with an organisation that Fortune 500 businesses, world security agencies, police forces, healthcare institutions and leading financial institutions have trusted with their sensitive information for decades.

We can help you with the legislation your business needs to follow.

Most businesses that work with private and confidential information are heavily regulated and governed. And laws designed to protect identities, financial data, and personal privacy come with strict rules – and strong fines for violating them. We can help you stay compliant.

In addition to your industry regulations governing information privacy, here are a few of the key information security laws that also apply.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Protects the personal data and privacy of EU citizens and applies to all companies, whether they operate in the EU or outside, that store or use any information about EU citizens.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Protects the personal data and privacy of EU citizens and applies to all companies, whether they operate in the EU or outside, that store or use any information about EU citizens.

The Shred-it Advantage: Leading in Secure Document Destruction

Shred-it protects organisations' information for their people, customers and brands. With over 30 years of experience, our primary focus on document security helps ensure your confidential information remains confidential. We offer paper, hard drive, and speciality shredding services. 

Service Reliability

With one of the largest shredding fleets in the country, we are where you are.

Security Expertise

Shred-it is an i-SIGMA member, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the International Secure Information Governance & Management AssociationTM (i-SIGMA®). We keep your information safe.

Customer Experience

Our customers rely on our breadth of solutions, global scale, and unmatched network of resources to protect what matters. We are 100% committed to customer protection and satisfaction.