October 17, 2019

How Shred-it's Recycling Process Keeps Your Workplace Green

Office paper recycling is one of the easiest and most common ways a workplace can help protect the environment and do their bit. But with the risk of security breaches at an all-time high, it’s important workplaces prioritise paper-based data security, while still committing to green office initiatives.

Here’s how Shred-it’s secure recycling process helps to keep your workplace green, at the same time as keeping your confidential information, confidential.

Typically, many documents are disposed of in recycling bins – greatly increasing the risk of a security breach as they can be easily seen and stolen. Replacing recycling bins with locked consoles ensures documents can’t be retrieved once inside.

A Shred-it All policy is recommended for your workplace. Research shows that more than a quarter of information breaches are caused by employee negligence or error. By making the decision to shred all documents that are no longer needed, employees don’t have to decide what is or isn’t confidential – at the same time as increasing the volume of documents that are securely recycled.

Secure consoles are regularly emptied by trained and security-vetted staff, before documents are securely destroyed using proprietary cross-cut shredder technology. The entire process is tracked via a handheld scanning device and you will be emailed a Certificate of Destruction.

Once documents have been destroyed, Shred-it bales all shredded paper and sends it to a paper mill where it is pulped – with impurities and printing ink removed – which is then used to create new paper products.