Reduce Business risk with Hard Drive Destruction

When your business needs to dispose of old technology, what process does it follow?

Many businesses incorrectly assume that confidential information is properly destroyed if their process includes erasing, reformatting, wiping or degaussing. However, this is not true. If drives are physically intact, private and confidential data can still be retrieved, leaving your business at risk.

To help reduce your risk of data breach, we apply the same proven, state-of-the-art, chain of custody protocols for hard drive destruction as we do for document destruction, ensuring safe, secure destruction of your media.

  • Regularly scheduled collection or on-demand service
  • A secure chain of custody at every touchpoint
  • A certificate of hard drive destruction after each service
  • Material is securely recycled with approved partners.

Furthermore, our informative video explains how not only your hard drives, but also items such as credit cards, media devices and even uniforms, could be going under the radar in your data protection policies.

If you would like more information on our full destruction services, contact us to find out how we protect what matters.