October 31, 2019

Prevent Data Breaches With An Information Security Policy

Companies and organisations can be fined up to €100,000 for data breaches involving the loss of confidential personal information. But that figure can be the tip of a very large iceberg when factoring in all of the costs associated with clearing up after a serious document security ‘accident’.

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to protecting privacy, so organisations need to make information security in the workplace a top priority – including secure disposal of confidential documents. Preventing a data breach is less complicated than most businesses assume, so long as you have a set information security policy that outlines the specifics of how to avoid threats. IT security is not just a digital issue, and Shred-it can help you to learn how proper document destruction techniques can ensure that you have the most secure workplace possible. 

In this factsheet, discover:

  • Costs associated with a security breach
  • What makes the collection and destruction process secure
  • How shred size affects document security in the workplace
  • How Shred-it helps secure your workplace and prevent data breaches

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