October 31, 2019

2016 Global State of the Information Security Industry: Report

The percentage of the mobile workforce is increasing and with it, looking increasingly vulnerable to information security threats.

While there is an increase in awareness surrounding the legal requirements and fines associated with data breaches, businesses are still being left with significant risks with the rise of the flexible workplace. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote working policies, employees are being given the freedom to be mobile and flexible with their time, but business leaders still have to ensure they have the proper training and information security protocols in place to ensure the risks are minimised. The 2016 State of the Industry report highlights information security research that shows businesses are increasingly aware of information security risks but not doing enough to prevent them. What you'll learn:
  • Awareness of information security risks is growing year over year
  • As is the number of flexible workplaces and the modern remote workforce
  • Training needs to be ongoing for information security policies and procedures
  • Protocols need to be put in place for hardware management and storage

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