October 26, 2021

Shred-it Data Protection Report 2021

COVID-19 has reshaped the way we work and where we work, putting stress on systems, partnerships, and networks. Though high-profile cyber breaches get the most media attention, disclosed physical breaches - including document theft - still accounted for 43% of breached assets in 2021. The need to protect data has never been more important.

In support of its mission to help organizations protect the world’s confidential information and prevent data breaches, Shred-it, a Stericycle solution, has drawn on detailed findings from an in-depth survey of C-level executives, small and medium business owners, and consumers to produce its 11th annual Data Protection Report (DPR).

Download the 2021 Data Protection report to learn why:

  • With increasing regulations and financial risk, keeping a low profile won’t cut it

  • Data security reputation plays a crucial role in consumer perspectives and behaviours

  • Insider threats continue to loom, and businesses need to be vigilant

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